Welcome to Villa Massis
Jungle Enclave in Bullet Tree Falls
San Ignacio, Belize
villa massis

Your Private Paradise

best villa to stay in belize

Defined By Tranquility, Privacy, And Luxury.

luxury villa belize

Surrounded By Lush Jungle

belize luxury villas

With All the Modern Amenities

massis villa belize

A True Escape Into A Hidden Oasis

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, And Spirit at Villa Massis
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Welcome to Villa Massis

Your Private jungle getaway awaits

People come to Belize from all over the world to soak in the beautiful beaches, Mayan landmarks, and wealth of inland adventures — but it can be hard to parse the options. That’s particularly true when you consider how many of the country’s more prominent settlements have tourist trap vibes. Villa Massis is located in the small and provincial town of Bullet Tree Falls, and it offers an authentic vision of paradise that doesn’t skimp on the luxuries and amenities.

Gateway to the Wilds

The Cayo District is the premier destination for visitors looking to explore the rivers, caves, and jungle of Belize's western territories — and San Ignacio Town is considered the best place for gearing up and setting out on adventures. Bullet Tree Falls is only fifteen minutes away from San Ignacio, offering you all the access without having to worry about being lost amid crowds of tourists.

With All the Modern Amenities

Villa Massis is situated in the middle of paradise, but that doesn’t mean that it’s primitive. You’ll find hot and cold water in your room, and the bathrooms are designed to help you pamper yourself to your heart’s content. All guest rooms come with a full-sized jacuzzi in the private bathroom — and everything from the fixtures to the lighting are modern and stylish. From the lighting to the art to the plants, everything is about expressing the welcoming and laid-back vibes of life in Belize.

Indoors and Out
Local furniture creates a homey aesthetic that’s uniquely Belizean in design, and a unique skylight ensures that you get natural lighting inside during the day — but chances are that you’ll want to spend a good deal of time outside. Villa Massis supports that with attached verandas each equipped with hammocks. These villas are more than just a place to stay in between your adventures. They’re built from the ground up as a way to maximize your experience.

Right Alongside Nature

Fortunately, you don’t need to book an excursion to enjoy nature. Villa Massis’ slightly more remote location puts you right in the heart of the ecological world. A diverse population of tropical birds add their own brand of music to the environment, and the full two acre compound is also home to a diverse selection of tropical flora. Iguanas and agoutis can be found throughout the property — but popular attractions like Barton Creek Cave, Mountain Pine Ridge, and ATM Cave are also nearby.