chef amini g

Introducing Chef Amini G, The Executive Chef At Villa Massis

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chef amini g

At Villa Massis, you can not only rent private luxury villas for your trip to Belize but also hire a local personal chef to prepare meals for you during your stay. We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Chef Amini G, the Executive Chef at Villa Massis.

Chef Amini came from humble beginnings. Raised by a single mother, she discovered a love of cooking during the time she spent in her grandmother’s kitchen as a child. With a family of twelve to feed every night, she began helping out with the preparation of meals and became fascinated by different cooking techniques, from the best ways to roll pastry dough to the optimal spices used in marinating chicken legs. Once she decided to pursue this as a career, she obtained an Associate’s degree in tourism management and hospitality.

She worked as a chef at the UK Embassy in Belize where she cooked for the UK ambassador as well as other ambassadors, dignitaries, and people of importance. More recently, she traveled to Tulum, Mexico where she cooked for a women’s retreat. She has many years of experience in the tourism culinary industry working as part of a team. The diverse environments she has worked in have helped hone her communication and leadership skills, which has allowed her to become an executive chef.

Although well-versed in preparing traditional Belizean dishes, Chef Amini is also experienced in preparing international cuisine and enjoys meeting and working with people from all over the world. At Villa Massis, she has created her own recipes and exerts a strong influence over the menu, combining traditional Belizean cooking with foods from around the world. She is exceptional at being resourceful in the kitchen and is talented at coming up with unique and original dishes from whatever there is in the kitchen to cook.

In her spare time, Amini enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She believes in bringing people together and that food is one of the core ways in which to do that. She lives by these values every day, and the meals she makes reflect them.

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Past guests have had nothing but good things to say about Amini G’s cooking, which they have called authentic, creative, and delicious. She continues to be inspired by how food can tell a story and be an integral part of a unique culture. By using her extensive experience and passion, she aims to keep bringing people together through food and wishes to extend you a warm welcome to Villa Massis.