Finding the Perfect Vacation Home Rental in Belize

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With its tranquil beaches, tropical rainforest, ancient Maya ruins, and friendly faces from a melting pot of cultures, Belize remains one of the most beautiful destinations to visit this year, especially with the summer holidays just around the bend and revenge travel on the rebound.

With summer temperatures steadily hovering around 84 F, and clear sunny skies, brace yourself for a plethora of fun-filled activities that can take you outside to enjoy nature. Depending on what you are looking for you can choose between visiting the reef or any of Belize’s Coastal areas, each offering its own unique experience.

Craving something more exciting or more outdoor, then it’s the best time to head inland, whether that be in the deep south of the country or taking a western route into the hills, there are numerous activities to choose from. That can range from hiking in the jungle, visiting any of the various ancient Maya ruins, rappelling or ziplining over the thick forest canopy, or simply taking a refreshing swim in the great outdoors in any of the countless natural swimming holes located inland.

Coming out of a long period of constraints and limitations, pent-up travel is on the rebound, as pandemic scarred travelers have started to emerge, but this time their behavior has shifted considerably and they are now traveling with a purpose and reconnecting with their loved ones.

Now, travelers are investing in more personal trips, and are craving intimate settings, where they can unwind with their loved ones after two years of being held captive by the pandemic. However, in order to minimize the risk of contamination, travelers are now avoiding, normal mass tourism, busy hotels, packed lobbies, and resorts.

Travelers are instead craving more privacy and space and are finding greater comfort in larger spaces, such as houses, villas, cottages, and private vacation rentals. That has propelled vacation rentals to become the next best thing as they offer more amenities, more luxuries, flexibility, and space, not to mention privacy.

And privacy, space, comfort, and unbeatable views are what we pride ourselves in at Villa Massis which is located in Bullett Tree Falls, San Ignacio Belize. It is a slice of vacation heaven, that snatches you up from the busy hustle and bustle of the town and tucks you away safely while providing you with luxury and comfort at your fingertips. However, while we are a private getaway, our location also positions us a short drive away from the town, restaurants, and stores.

At Villa Massis we offer an authentic vision of paradise, that doesn’t skimp on the luxuries and amenities, we aim to fulfill your every need, with our comfortable and modern bathrooms, fitted with hot and cold water, a full-sized jacuzzi, and modern fixtures and lighting in each of our villas. In need of some clean air, then our outdoor decks, with natural lighting and comfortable hammock and patio chairs, can be your escape route to the outdoors.

Talking about outdoors, we also aim to please in that category as well, as our two-acre property, contains a diverse collection of tropical birds, friendly critters, and a diverse selection of flora and fauna.

Our fully equipped kitchenette, with comfortable seating, as well as our spacious living room equipped with flatscreen tv, wifi, and air conditioner, coupled with our comfortable and secure bedrooms and even a washer will have you feeling right at home.

So get in on the revenge travel, while keeping your family safe and book your flight to Belize, and head on over to Villa Massis, so that we can get you in on the action while keeping you safe and comfortable at the same time.