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Rent This Luxury Villa in Belize For Your Next Vacation

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Some people just aren’t content with the ordinary and would prefer to journey into the extraordinary. This is something you can do when you opt to stay at a luxury villa during your trip to Belize. By renting at Villa Massis, you get only the best.

Get High-Quality Amenities

Villa Massis may be situated out in the wilds of Belize but it comes with all the modern amenities you should expect from first-rate accommodations. A full-sized Jacuzzi adorns the bathroom and the attached veranda comes with a hammock. Furniture and light fixtures are uniquely Belizean, modern, stylish, and made from quality materials. Choose to stay in the villa or the penthouse depending on what you would prefer. Both offer similar features except the penthouse sleeps four while the villa sleeps two.

Have Privacy

One thing you don’t generally have when staying at a hotel or resort is much privacy. There are usually loads of other guests you will have to share space and amenities with, which can really put a damper on your vacation. With Villa Massis’ luxury villas, each has been designed with your privacy and experience in mind. The property’s more remote location also means that you will have more privacy than at most hotels or resorts.

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Avoid Major Tourist Areas

Located in the small village of Bullet Tree Falls near San Ignacio, Belize, Villa Massis is far away from the major tourist areas. This affords you a more rustic, authentic experience during your stay in Belize. That being true, Villa Massis is also only about fifteen minutes away from San Ignacio, so you will have access to the transportation and amenities of a major settlement.

Experience The Cayo District

Western Belize’s Cayo District is one of the most amazing regions in the entire country. When you stay at Villa Massis, the wilds of Belize are right at your doorstep. Try exploring the beautiful Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, the nearby Xunantunich Maya ruins, or the haunting Actun Tunichil Muknal cave. You can also explore the jungle on your own terms by hiking, canoeing, or horseback riding.

Mountain Pine Ridge

Whether you are planning an upcoming vacation to Belize this summer or any other time of the year, get the most authentic and genuine Belizean experience when you stay at Villa Massis. Very affordable rates, an unbeatable location, and true luxury accommodations make Villa Massis far and away the best place to stay during your adventure in the Cayo District.