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Considering a Trip to Belize? Book with Villa Massis

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Belize is a wonderful little slice of paradise that is sandwiched right between Mexico and Guatemala on one side and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea on the other. It also happens to be an English-fluent slice of tropical paradise, which is not something that can be said for many other countries. While the country has a lot of things to enjoy, you will want to book someplace amazing to use as a base camp during your stay and few places are better equipped for such a task as Villa Massis.

Villa Massis is located within Bullet Tree Falls, a small community within the historic Cayo District and only 15 minutes away from the major population center of San Ignacio. More importantly, this location means that all of their facilities are within spitting distance of many of the rivers, caves, jungles, and ruins that will be treasured by anyone looking to maximize the adventure, variety, and cultural enrichment available to them while staying in the country.

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While you might hear concepts like a tropic vacation spot and bring to mind images of Robinson Crusoe living in a thatched hut surrounded by trees, the facility at Villa Massis is considerably more urbane than that. You have full access to hot and cold running water, flat screen television, wi-fi, and modern aesthetics and design sensibilities in every guest room.

As previously mentioned, Villa Massis is located in a prime spot within Belize’s natural wonders. Animal-loving guests can see many varieties of eye-catching tropical birds, iguanas, and agoutis from just hanging out on the property as they lounge and relax. Alternatively, guests can choose to book a series of excursions and tours with the establishment and be driven out to see many of the amazing sites that have drawn visitors to Belize from all over the world.


Examples of these sites include the following:

Belize has much to offer those who visit the country; Villa Massis just so happens to be one of the best launching points for seeing what those offerings look like.